Corporate Public Relations Plan

When preparing a Corporate Public Relations Plan start with a simple outline. Call a management team meeting and brainstorm ideas for creating publicity for your company. By having a brainstorming meeting you can put your minds together and mutually discuss everyone’s ideas.

Discussing your corporate PR plan as a group allows everyone to strategize and discuss different contacts they have. Remember, the purpose of public relations is to publicize your company, its products and services to the public. Advertising is a little different. Advertising involves promoting your products or services to have people purchase them. You can spend large sums of money on public relations and advertising. The mission is to spend those advertising or corporate PR dollars wisely and with cost efficiency.

In your brainstorming meeting first discuss which forms of media are best suited for promoting your company. Then decide what area you want to focus on, such as the northeast or southwest or national. Next discuss all the possible contacts that the management team has that can be utilized for public relations. These contacts would include newspapers, magazines, cable TV, websites and radio.

The best kind of public relations you can get for your company is FREE and UNBIASED public relations. For instance, an article in a business journal that mentions your company, even if the article is about several other companies is great. The question is, how do you get that kind of press coverage?

In your brainstorming meeting when everyone discusses their contacts, see if anyone has such contacts, even if they are indirect through a friend relative or business acquaintance. Maybe you can offer a writer or journalist some research information in return for some coverage in the magazine, journal or newspaper that he works for. If no one has these contacts, pick up the phone and start talking with the writers at these magazines. There’s no time to start developing these contacts like the present. Work these contacts, develop them and they will be worth their weight in gold. Your company's corporate public relations plan should be well organized with input from various departments in the company.

The best corporate public relations plan involves significant time and effort, but is well worth it when you are building brand name awareness and brand identity. The value of an easily recognizable and well-respected brand name is hard to calculate, but is quite significant and pays off in dividends for many years.